Monday, February 04, 2008

Midterm time during the quarter.

Problems I'm encountering:

1) Lack of preparation. Waiting until the night before to work on an assignment breeds trouble. Issues arise that impede progress. The printer, which was working all week will run out of paper or ink. The computer will act funny. It's going to happen. I learned this phrase in High School and it still rings true . . . Proper preparation prevents a poor performance.

2) Lack of organization. Besides the three week ramblings of Kerouac, nobody spits out gold on their first try. Plan, research, attack, step back, proofread.

3) Wiggle Room. Life's got and students want it. I'm stingy with it . . for very selfish reasons. It complicates my life.

Neal Schmitt
Music Program Adjunct Professor
Hocking College