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eMusic daily download

eMusic daily download

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Saturday, September 12, 2009


Shot 1
Video: California. Highway 1. Sunrise, low shot of road pavement, Road is an obvious incline going up left to right. Ocean and cliffs in background further emphasize height.
Audio: Very quiet natural ambient sound.

Video: The wheels and lower part of eight white bikes rush past the camera racing up the hill.
Audio: Pedals turning over fast, rush of wind as bikes race past, heavy breathing.

Shot 2

Video: Same sunrise. Camera is tilted showing nothing but blue sky. Sun rays sparkle in the lens.
Audio: Very quiet natural ambient sound.
Audio: Audio of bmx rider approaching a ramp. Audio ends when rider launches in the sky, helping propagate the idea of time standing still.
Video: Silhouetted bmx rider launches in the air, seeming to fly in the air as he completes a trick.

Shot 3

Video: Sunrise. Beautiful forest shot. (Maybe from the river looking towards the bank.) Tall grass hides any sense of single track.
Audio: Typical early morning forest sounds - birds chirping, water trickling, wind blowing through trees.
Video: Dirty mountain biker erupts from forest, bunny hopping into river.
Audio: Picks up with splash of biker hitting water.

Shot 4, 5, 6:
Video: Eight bikers clad in white continue racing uphill past CEO.
Video: Bmx rider in lands near the edge of the halfpipe and CEO and two other riders are clapping.
Video: Mtn. biker emerges from river and races past CEO and support staff.
Video: Medium shot of CEO in clean but bike filled garage space. Tires hang from ceiling. All different kinds of professional bikes are neatly organized throughout the room.
Audio: Building the most comprehensive bike team isn't easy. But at Schmitt Cycling, we're doing just that. Road, mountain, bmx, freestyle, cyclocross & track - we'll be competitive in every field at most major events. I'm Neal Schmitt, CEO of Schmitt Cycling. Wanna ride?

Webaddress scrolls on screen.

Fade to black.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I'm an idiot but even I know better.

Rep. Joe Wilson Yells Out "You Lie!" During Obama Health Care Speech (VIDEO)

I'm glad McCain said something. While Rep. Wilson did apologize, he'd better expect to take his lumps in the morning.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

(3) - home of fine hypertext products

Radiohead's Jonny Greenwooed on MP3 soudn quality - (3) - home of fine hypertext products: "We had a few complaints that the MP3s of our last record wasn't encoded at a high enough rate. Some even suggested we should have used FLACs, but if you even know what one of those is, and have strong opinions on them, you're already lost to the world of high fidelity and have probably spent far too much money on your speaker-stands."

This conversation with Greenwood is part of a new series by Sasha Frere-Jones' on the sound quality of recorded music.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Holden slideshow with Original song by Holden

Sunday, September 06, 2009

See the resemblance?

schmitt_N_motivation_mcm707 - Google Docs

Motivation "is an internal generator that only you can turn on or off." (McDonald, 2009). Self reflection can reveal an individual's level of motivation. It is important to understand whether you are "present" and "in the moment" or if you're coasting or on auto-pilot. Equally important is the perception a person give off. Do others see you as motivated? The psychology of humans has shown that even acting as if you are motivated "actually make you feel better and become more motivated." (McDonald, 2009). That's you - what about others? You can't crawl in someones head to reveal their level of motivation. What can be done is to lay out scenarios where motivational opportunities are present. When asked about motivation, workers wanted these opportunities to include: smaller meaningful tasks with shorter time frames, increasing responsibility, recognition of accomplished work and opportunities for advancement.

McDonald, T., (2009, Feb. 1). 5 steps to boost motivation. Religious Conference Manager. 28 (online) from Lexis-Nexis Academic: General News Topics [2009, Sept. 3].

Tapeography on the Behance Network

Tapeography on the Behance Network

Video - Crash in Stage 4 of the Vuelta a Espana 2009 - Bike Racing

Video - Crash in Stage 4 of the Vuelta a Espana 2009 - Bike Racing

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

YouTube - Throwing Muses - Not Too Soon (demo 1984)

Unbelievable demo version of The Throwing Music classic "Not Too Soon." Really an amazing find!

YouTube - Throwing Muses - Not Too Soon (demo 1984)