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I'm not creative. I'm not worthy of this video. Seriously

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Cinnamon Chasers - Luv Deluxe (Music Video) from Saman Keshavarz on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My contribution to the year end lists -

My Top 25 songs that I think all came out this decade

  1. Islands on the Coast - Band of Horses
  2. Sweet Talk - Dear and the Headlights
  3. Lights Out - Santogold
  4. Ageless Beauty - Stars
  5. Choose The One Who Loves You More - Copeland
  6. Lyric - Zwan
  7. Mouthwash - Kate Nash
  8. Get Better/The Re-Arranger - Mates of State
  9. Like Eating Glass - Bloc Party
  10. Dismantle/Repair - Anberlin
  11. The New Year - Death Cab for Cutie
  12. Watch the Tapes - LCD Soundsystem
  13. Halloween - Matt Pond PA
  14. Oh Mandy - The Spinto Band
  15. Easy - The Church
  16. The Zookeeper's Boy - Mew
  17. Pull Shapes - Pipettes
  18. Rise up with Fists - Jenny Lewis
  19. Roscoe - Midlake
  20. The Rising Tide - Sunny Day Real Estate
  21. Ghost of York - As Tall As Lions
  22. Survive - Rise Against
  23. Time to Pretend - MGMT
  24. Eyes as Candles - Passion Pit
  25. The Bleeding Heart Show - The New Pornographers
Runner ups - (Runners Up?)

Miranda Sound/PMM collab of Cheap Trick classic - "If you want my love"

Say Anything - Woe (this guys is all over the map and this song is perfect for it)

Company of Thieves - Oscar Wilde - (new like Passion Pit, remains to be seen if this will stick around)

Miranda Sound - The Lull of Youngstown - great lyrics and musically very indicative of what this band was about.

1901 - Phoenix

Single Ladies - Pomplamoose (innovative)

The Righeous Path - Drive-by Truckers

Raphael Saadiq - Just love the way this record sounded.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First Glazed Frosting Christmas Cookies

I've never used the glaze-type frosting for sugar cookies. I kinda dig
it. The frosting is the normal powdered sugar/extract/milk type but
the addition of corn syrup creates the glaze effect. I'm a sucker for
the delish looking supermarket sugar cookies and now I know why. Mmm.…

YouTube - Ina Ray Hutton and her Melodears - Hutton Club Shake

YouTube - Ina Ray Hutton and her Melodears - Hutton Club Shake

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Train is up.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Even bigger, badder and better live: Bush League All-Stars

Published: Thursday, December 17, 2009 9:43 AM EST

Friday night at the Summit was the classic music-fan tradeoff: You were pretty much guaranteed an evening of loud guitars and hook-filled rock ’n’ roll, but you’d have to wait for it.

Like so many weekend shows, the three-bill night was supposed to start at 10 p.m., but it didn’t get crankin’ until around 11. Which makes for a late night.

But I can’t complain too much. With a lineup of rock-solid Columbus vets like Pretty Mighty Mighty, You’re So Bossy and headliners the Bush League All-Stars (who were releasing their new album that night), I figured it would be worth the wait, and it was.

Kicking off the night was Pretty Mighty Mighty, Jon Chinn’s on-again off-again project since the ’90s. These days, Chinn spends most of his time working as the Lincoln Theatre’s technical manager or as an engineer at Central City Recording, so I always consider it a treat when he takes the stage, either with Pretty Mighty Mighty or his other local supergroup, Jon Chinn + 1803.

Billy Peake accompanies Chinn on guitar and backing vocals, and just as Peake’s former band Miranda Sound could make fairly complex sounds and structures go down easy, Pretty Mighty Mighty does the same. (Though Miranda Sound was likely the disciple and Pretty Mighty Mighty the teacher.)

Chinn’s slightly nasal vocals always remind me of Sunny Day Real Estate (in a good way). There were plenty of missed notes, broken strings and tuning issues that gave the set an unrehearsed feel—sometimes detrimentally so. But songs like “Sleepless” and “Ski Instructor” were as tight as ever.

According to Chinn, there’s going to be a new Pretty Mighty Mighty record next year. Fingers crossed.

Up next was You’re So Bossy, a trio whose individual résumés read like laundry lists of Columbus legends.

Singer/guitarist Sam Brown played drums with the Sun, Gaunt and New Bomb Turks, plus playing live with RJD2 and others. Jovan Karcic, who used to play guitar in Gaunt, now drums for Brown, and the Haynes Boys, Burn Barrel and the Alwood Sisters also appear in his résumé. And then there’s bassist Phillip Park: Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Haynes Boys and Burn Barrel.

Even with all that Columbus music history behind it—and despite Brown’s knack for writing some of the best power-pop songs in Columbus—You’re So Bossy still seems to fly under the radar, though it’s hard to say why. On Friday night, Brown did it all with just a distorted acoustic guitar. And Karcic’s drumming was absolutely mesmerizing.

The Bush League All-Stars’ résumé isn’t too shabby either, with former members of the Evil Queens, Tiara, the Celebrity Pilots and, of course, singer/guitarist Dan Spurgeon of Greenhorn fame.

The group’s new record, Cedar Knees, has huge guitars all over the place, but the All-Stars sounded even bigger, badder and better live. And yet, the guitars weren’t so thick that they overpowered Jess Faller’s additions on keys, which were essential to filling out the sound—a sound that’s so familiar, yet distinct: part blue-collar rock ’n’ roll, some grunge-y bits, a little bit of roots and a lot of power-chord bliss.

Or, as fellow writer Rick Allen wrote last week, the Bush League All-Stars explore the “fine line between the Replacements and Randy Newman.”

The new album’s leadoff track, “Gravity’s Heart,” was the perfect way to start the set, and the rest were consistently good and sometimes great (“Campaign Trail”). I preferred the live versions of just about every tune, the extra muscle adding some welcome oomph.

Thanks to the evening’s typically tardy start, I started fading toward the end of the set. But better late than never.

close up

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Rowan loved the photo shoot. Holdie? Not so much. Oh, he'll say cheese but getting him to look at the camera is a tough, tough job. I got a couple though, that I love.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

YouTube - The King of Ocean ( Great White Shark )

In order to get the jaw-dropping slow-motion footage of great white sharks jumping out of the ocean, the filmmakers for Planet Earth used a high-speed camera with continuous buffering...that is, the camera only kept a few seconds of video at a time and dumped the rest. When the shark jumped, the cameraman would push a button to save the buffer.

YouTube - The King of Ocean ( Great White Shark )

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Franklin University's Online Graduate Degree Programs Fit Your Schedule

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Here's what interruppted my morning …
A poor deer ran into my car on Route 33, just south of I-70. Poor thing.

Every summer at Hocking College, I host a week long rock and roll camp for high school students. What makes this program unique from other music summer camps is that there is no audition process. All I ask is that campers are passionate about music. My job, sometimes easier - sometimes tough, is to help guide the campers through the music making process.

We start in Hocking College's awesome Mac Lab. Each camper writes two individual songs in Garageband, which in my opinion, is one of the greatest modern inventions. All the while, we're talking about song structure, lyrical content, story songs and some of the basics of music creation.

Depending on how many campers, I organize the group based on musical instruments and musicianship. In this case, I had nine campers, so we just formed one big band. The musicians start jamming in the studio and the lyricists start crafting and collaborating.

Once, we've settled on a name, other campers start designing a band logo, creating the Myspace page, organize the photo shoot and all of the other tasks that go with being in a band.

You Had Me Video by ERP - MySpace Video

You Had Me

ERP | MySpace Music Videos

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Boing Boing

Frank Fairfield playing "Nine Pound Hammer"
From a Rolling Stone interview ""He's kinda crazy," says Robin. "He has his own radio show where he just plays these old gramophones. He just puts a mic up and plays all these field recordings from the 1900s; it's insane. He dresses like it's the early 1900s. He's born out of time, and his voice is amazing."

Boing Boing

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neal vampire

neal vampire
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Laughing Squid

PS22 Chorus Sings Pictures of You by The Cure

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eMusic daily download

eMusic daily download

Free download every day from eMusic.

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Shot 1
Video: California. Highway 1. Sunrise, low shot of road pavement, Road is an obvious incline going up left to right. Ocean and cliffs in background further emphasize height.
Audio: Very quiet natural ambient sound.

Video: The wheels and lower part of eight white bikes rush past the camera racing up the hill.
Audio: Pedals turning over fast, rush of wind as bikes race past, heavy breathing.

Shot 2

Video: Same sunrise. Camera is tilted showing nothing but blue sky. Sun rays sparkle in the lens.
Audio: Very quiet natural ambient sound.
Audio: Audio of bmx rider approaching a ramp. Audio ends when rider launches in the sky, helping propagate the idea of time standing still.
Video: Silhouetted bmx rider launches in the air, seeming to fly in the air as he completes a trick.

Shot 3

Video: Sunrise. Beautiful forest shot. (Maybe from the river looking towards the bank.) Tall grass hides any sense of single track.
Audio: Typical early morning forest sounds - birds chirping, water trickling, wind blowing through trees.
Video: Dirty mountain biker erupts from forest, bunny hopping into river.
Audio: Picks up with splash of biker hitting water.

Shot 4, 5, 6:
Video: Eight bikers clad in white continue racing uphill past CEO.
Video: Bmx rider in lands near the edge of the halfpipe and CEO and two other riders are clapping.
Video: Mtn. biker emerges from river and races past CEO and support staff.
Video: Medium shot of CEO in clean but bike filled garage space. Tires hang from ceiling. All different kinds of professional bikes are neatly organized throughout the room.
Audio: Building the most comprehensive bike team isn't easy. But at Schmitt Cycling, we're doing just that. Road, mountain, bmx, freestyle, cyclocross & track - we'll be competitive in every field at most major events. I'm Neal Schmitt, CEO of Schmitt Cycling. Wanna ride?

Webaddress scrolls on screen.

Fade to black.

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I'm an idiot but even I know better.

Rep. Joe Wilson Yells Out "You Lie!" During Obama Health Care Speech (VIDEO)

I'm glad McCain said something. While Rep. Wilson did apologize, he'd better expect to take his lumps in the morning.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

(3) kottke.org - home of fine hypertext products

Radiohead's Jonny Greenwooed on MP3 soudn quality - (3) kottke.org - home of fine hypertext products: "We had a few complaints that the MP3s of our last record wasn't encoded at a high enough rate. Some even suggested we should have used FLACs, but if you even know what one of those is, and have strong opinions on them, you're already lost to the world of high fidelity and have probably spent far too much money on your speaker-stands."

This conversation with Greenwood is part of a new series by Sasha Frere-Jones' on the sound quality of recorded music.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Holden slideshow with Original song by Holden

Sunday, September 06, 2009

See the resemblance?

schmitt_N_motivation_mcm707 - Google Docs

Motivation "is an internal generator that only you can turn on or off." (McDonald, 2009). Self reflection can reveal an individual's level of motivation. It is important to understand whether you are "present" and "in the moment" or if you're coasting or on auto-pilot. Equally important is the perception a person give off. Do others see you as motivated? The psychology of humans has shown that even acting as if you are motivated "actually make you feel better and become more motivated." (McDonald, 2009). That's you - what about others? You can't crawl in someones head to reveal their level of motivation. What can be done is to lay out scenarios where motivational opportunities are present. When asked about motivation, workers wanted these opportunities to include: smaller meaningful tasks with shorter time frames, increasing responsibility, recognition of accomplished work and opportunities for advancement.

McDonald, T., (2009, Feb. 1). 5 steps to boost motivation. Religious Conference Manager. 28 (online) from Lexis-Nexis Academic: General News Topics [2009, Sept. 3].

Tapeography on the Behance Network

Tapeography on the Behance Network

Video - Crash in Stage 4 of the Vuelta a Espana 2009 - Bike Racing

Video - Crash in Stage 4 of the Vuelta a Espana 2009 - Bike Racing

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

YouTube - Throwing Muses - Not Too Soon (demo 1984)

Unbelievable demo version of The Throwing Music classic "Not Too Soon." Really an amazing find!

YouTube - Throwing Muses - Not Too Soon (demo 1984)

Monday, August 31, 2009

I was working at the table. Meanwhile, Holden was crafting the ultimate landing area and enjoying himself immensely.
I just filmed it.

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morning coffee

morning coffee
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Stimulus forces Ohio city to rethink future

Stimulus forces Ohio city to rethink futureNELSONVILLE, Ohio (AP)

—A small city that created a niche for itself as a hub for Appalachian artists is coming to grips with its stake in President Barack Obama's economic stimulus package.

The state highway department's biggest stimulus investment — $150 million to complete a highway bypass around Nelsonville in southeast Ohio — is challenging business leaders to prevent the city from becoming invisible once construction is completed in 2012.

The new four-lane highway on U.S. Route 33 will give motorists from Columbus, Ohio, to the Charleston, W.Va., area a faster option but threatens to divert potential shoppers from the eclectic mix of art studios, galleries and crafts stores downtown.

"There are a lot of questions, a lot of unknowns," said Jennifer L'Heureux, who owns a pottery store in Nelsonville, where country singer Willie Nelson headlined this summer's music festival.

The bypass is among about 210 state transportation projects scheduled to get $774 million in federal stimulus money.

Although construction on the highway began in 2007, work on the final two phases was put on hold because of state funding problems. Transportation officials took money from Obama's $787 billion stimulus plan, signed in February to jolt the economy, and put the project on a fast track, galvanizing residents into action.

At a July 27 chamber of commerce meeting, merchants stressed the need to step up marketing — billboards, for example — so motorists know the city is a destination, not a detour, said Susan Holmes, owner of Nelsonville Quilt Co.

The Ohio Department of Transportation has agreed to erect road signs on the bypass that alert drivers to the business route. Some merchants question whether more advertising is needed, and the city is working with Heritage Ohio Inc., a nonprofit group that helps communities with business recruitment, marketing strategies and fundraising.

Merchants in St. Peter, Minn., voiced similar concerns about a drop in business when work began in July on a stimulus-funded project to rebuild and widen a highway that runs through downtown.

Nelsonville, a city of 5,000 tucked amid rolling hills of Appalachia, saw its fortunes decline with the demise of the area's coal mining industry, and by the 1990s many storefronts in the public square were empty.

Then a 19th-century opera house reopened, and landlords agreed to subsidize rent for artists needing studios.

In return for the subsidy, artists agreed to put sweat equity into renovating the Victorian-era buildings, framed by red-brick facades. Within five years, downtown occupancy rates jumped from 25 percent to 85 percent and included coffee shops and restaurants, said Angie Hawk Maiden, president of the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks.

Old wood-framed houses near town are still neglected, but the arts district, with an ornate water fountain at its center, helps draw tourists, as does Nelsonville's other attractions.

The city is surrounded by Wayne National Forest and is home to a popular scenic railway, and footwear company Rocky Brands Inc. operates a large outlet store. The city doesn't track tourism dollars, but those are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Athens County, the county convention and visitors agency said.

So the bypass is a touchy subject for some people.

"I'm not sure how prepared anyone is to deal with it," said Dee Dee Loge, whose family owns a glass company in town. "But it's coming whether people like it or not, so it's up to us to make sure we give drivers a reason to stop."

Many civic leaders support the highway project because Route 33 — one of Ohio's busiest truck routes — shrinks to two lanes when it hits Nelsonville, creating a bottleneck of semitrailers, said City Council President Kevin Dotson.

The bypass would send those trucks out of town, relieve congestion around nearby Hocking College and reduce traffic accidents.

The new route also could lead to economic development — coal, lumber and trucking industries in Appalachia need reliable infrastructure, said David Rose, a spokesman with the state transportation department.

About half of the nine-mile bypass runs through the national forest, and about 360 acres of trees were cleared for the right-of-way.

Environmental groups that oppose the project have largely given up, and the use of stimulus dollars to push it through adds salt to the wound, Sierra Club member Loraine McCosker said.

"There won't even be a slow-zone through the forest," she said.

The state, however, will install culverts under the highway so deer can have a safe place to cross, and a pipe under the road will allow snakes and other small wildlife to cross.

At this point, despite some lingering misgivings about the bypass, it's time to treat it as an opportunity to put Nelsonville on a path to a new future, Hawk Maiden said.

"We have to get down to action," she said. "We don't have time to sit around and complain."


On the Net:

Nelsonville Chamber of Commerce: http://www.nelsonvillechamber.com/

Copyright 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wednesday Portrait #2

Wednesday Portrait #2
Originally uploaded by nealschmitt
This is a self portrait using Photobooth for an IMMT class at CSCC. Uploaded to Flickr and edited using Picnik.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Michigan Day 3 - Race Day

Computer/wifi issues galore that last two days. New computer will be very, very welcome. Loading programs and tweaking will take awhile but it'll be worth it.

Up early to head over to Benton Harbor for my race this morning. Always fun trying to rouse two munchkins this early. Transition closes at 6:45 but I don't start my race ti 8:30. Maybe I'll get to nap on the beach. Or at least, visualize the race. 

Thursday, July 30, 2009


We made our trek last night to New Buffalo. It feels odd and unsettling to leave the house after Tuesday's incident but there's no choice. The DVD player is a great way to satiate Rowan in the van. I'm jealous. I'd love to kick back, watch a few movies, nap, listen to some music, etc. Holden? Not so much - he's as antsy as I am to get out of the van and run around.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nice thought but this result is wrong. I finished behind Doug in 11th. But thanks for helping my ego. Can't wait to race again.

When Doug and I showed up to the Troy race, nearly the first thing we saw was a racer, unconscious on the ground, being attended to by an ambulance. Great. We registered and received our info packet and race number. Being late in the season, I hadn't applied for a US Cycling #, so I had to pay an additional 1 day license fee of $10.

While the JRs were finishing up, I reconnoitered the course briefly. Once the race was finished, the judges gave us time for one lap around the course. Wow - there are a lot of turns.

They called us to the line and while I was nervous, my heart rate wasn't going too crazy. The judge gave out a few quick details and shouted "Bang!" - the race was underway.

24 riders, no one with that much experience. If they had experience, they would be racing CAT 4. Nice gentle push off and with surround sound of pedals clicking into place, the group heads for turn one. Nice and easy. There's some communicating in the pack to let racers know that they're on the inside or outside of another racer. I'm not one of them. I'm very tightlipped. But hearing the chatter reminds me to communicate.

The laps start to tick off. The pace, while not easy, is definitely not hard. I grab onto a wheel and keep my position until that rider starts to fall back. I spot another rider and make the jump. Sometimes I'm near the front, other times, I'm near the back - but always with the main group. Rounding the fountain is a bit tricky. Nearly 270 degrees of turning and you have to stay on your line. After the fountain is a long straightaway. The pace always got high here. And of course, the wind is hitting right in the face - so I was always looking to ride someone's wheel - except for lap 10. For some reason, the peloton (hardly but it's nice to say) wasn't going its usual quick pace. Everyone sorta slowed down. I found myself riding at a comfortable pace, on the inside of the group, about halfway back with a clear shot right up the line. I had about three seconds to think about it and thought "this is the only workout you're doing today, you'd better make it a good one." So I took it.

I reached down on the drop bars, popped into a bigger gear and just gunned it right past the grandstand and all of the other racers. I knew they'd jump on me but I had nothing to lose.(except the race and I wasn't going to win that anyhow) Two thoughts crept into my mind 1) holy crap it's fun to go fast and in the lead and 2) I have no idea how to corner going this fast but luckily I get whatever line I want.

It felt amazing.

It also only lasted about one lap. I ran out of gas. Right about the same place, another rider guned it up the outside, leaving me in a whimpering, thigh burning heap. Didn't matter. It was totally fun.

I squeezed everything I could out of my legs and clung to the back of the lead group. The finishers sprinted it out. I dug in and gave whatever I could to the sprint, ending a few seconds after the leaders. My chest was feeling the pains of going anaerobic but I loved it. Not exactly the best way to lead into an Olympic triathlon the next morning, but certainly a way to get addicted to criterium racing.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fwd: Internship Opportunity & Announcements

Pass this along!!

If you're having trouble viewing this email, you may see it online.
Forward this message to a friend
Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association
Hello All!
Hopefully everyone is enjoying their summer.  I wanted to send you a copy of an Internship Opportunity that has been sent to all active MEISA members.  It may be a  great opportunity for one of your students, so please forward it to any of them that you know have difficulty receiving our emails. 
Also, our 2010 conference committee is busy putting details together for next year's International Conference in Miami, FL.  Please be on the lookout for further details in the coming weeks and months, it's sure to be an excellent conference.
*We're Searching For A Rock Reporter*

Wanna be a correspondent at this summer's hottest MTV festivals and concerts? We're searching for a *Rock Reporter* to go on tour with us (5 dates in August and the weekend of the VMAs), getting exclusive artist interviews, covering today's up and coming top comedians and highlighting all the action happening on the ground....leading up to the final event at the Video Music Awards weekend. All of your experiences will be documented and fans can check out your video updates online. Want a chance at this amazing opportunity?


Email us your name, contact info, photo and why you want to be MTV's Rock Reporter to *castme@mtvu.com* (and please cc: nycastingteam@gmail.com because the mailbox tends to fill quickly). You will be compensated and travel / hotel expenses will be covered.


*IMPORTANT*: Put the words "*MEIEA*" in the subject line.


Good Luck Everyone!


David Schreiber
MEIEA Secretary
1900 Belmont Blvd., Nashville, TN 37212
office@meiea.org 615.460.6946
Office and administrative support provided by The Mike Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business Belmont University | http://www.belmont.edu/mb

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