Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RENTAL house Carolina Beach, NC

RENTAL house Carolina Beach, NC
411 Spartanburg Ave has fleas. Yep, fleas. Awoke our second morning in this "family friendly" rental and found fleas. Owners of course, wer not interested in refunding our money cos they're uncaring, greedy real estate owners. Carolina Bach was cute. 411 Spartanburg Ave has fleas. Rent somewhere else.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Better Business Bureau

Neal Schmitt
140 Guernsey Ave
Columbus OH 43204

Filed against :
Sparkling Pro Cleaning Services is an unprofessional company
PO Box 3334
Dayton OH 45401

Complaint Description:
Dispute with Sparkling Pro Cleaning service over a surprise additional fee leaves the cleaning service incomplete.
I made an appointment with unprofessional Sparkling Pro Cleaning Service to clean my house on 7/7. I had spoken with the owner 3 times, once to make the appointment, when I called to confirm the appointment, and third as inquiry as to when the crew would show up as the window of time I was given was nearing an end.

First, the crew showed up to clean my house with a small 3-year-old in tow. Cute as can be was the kid - but most inappropriate.

Second, an additional fee of $25 (60% of what I paid for the original service) is mentioned as a"travel fee". There is no language in the contract that states anything about an additional travel fee. It says "Distance restrictions apply" and "Tax and gratuity are not included."

Third, when I called to discuss the situation with the owner, she says fine. By the time I walk back in to my house, the cleaning crew is packing up to leave. When I try to call back and find out what is going on, the owner refuses to take my call, repeatedly sending me to voicemail.

Finally, the cleaning crew leaves trash in my driveway and my front door wide open, without a hint of apology or explanation.

The coupon was purchased via the website Living Social. Living Social have refunded my money in full. Living Social was expedient, timely and professional, all things sparkling Pro, were not.