Sunday, September 06, 2009

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Motivation "is an internal generator that only you can turn on or off." (McDonald, 2009). Self reflection can reveal an individual's level of motivation. It is important to understand whether you are "present" and "in the moment" or if you're coasting or on auto-pilot. Equally important is the perception a person give off. Do others see you as motivated? The psychology of humans has shown that even acting as if you are motivated "actually make you feel better and become more motivated." (McDonald, 2009). That's you - what about others? You can't crawl in someones head to reveal their level of motivation. What can be done is to lay out scenarios where motivational opportunities are present. When asked about motivation, workers wanted these opportunities to include: smaller meaningful tasks with shorter time frames, increasing responsibility, recognition of accomplished work and opportunities for advancement.

McDonald, T., (2009, Feb. 1). 5 steps to boost motivation. Religious Conference Manager. 28 (online) from Lexis-Nexis Academic: General News Topics [2009, Sept. 3].

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