Saturday, September 12, 2009


Shot 1
Video: California. Highway 1. Sunrise, low shot of road pavement, Road is an obvious incline going up left to right. Ocean and cliffs in background further emphasize height.
Audio: Very quiet natural ambient sound.

Video: The wheels and lower part of eight white bikes rush past the camera racing up the hill.
Audio: Pedals turning over fast, rush of wind as bikes race past, heavy breathing.

Shot 2

Video: Same sunrise. Camera is tilted showing nothing but blue sky. Sun rays sparkle in the lens.
Audio: Very quiet natural ambient sound.
Audio: Audio of bmx rider approaching a ramp. Audio ends when rider launches in the sky, helping propagate the idea of time standing still.
Video: Silhouetted bmx rider launches in the air, seeming to fly in the air as he completes a trick.

Shot 3

Video: Sunrise. Beautiful forest shot. (Maybe from the river looking towards the bank.) Tall grass hides any sense of single track.
Audio: Typical early morning forest sounds - birds chirping, water trickling, wind blowing through trees.
Video: Dirty mountain biker erupts from forest, bunny hopping into river.
Audio: Picks up with splash of biker hitting water.

Shot 4, 5, 6:
Video: Eight bikers clad in white continue racing uphill past CEO.
Video: Bmx rider in lands near the edge of the halfpipe and CEO and two other riders are clapping.
Video: Mtn. biker emerges from river and races past CEO and support staff.
Video: Medium shot of CEO in clean but bike filled garage space. Tires hang from ceiling. All different kinds of professional bikes are neatly organized throughout the room.
Audio: Building the most comprehensive bike team isn't easy. But at Schmitt Cycling, we're doing just that. Road, mountain, bmx, freestyle, cyclocross & track - we'll be competitive in every field at most major events. I'm Neal Schmitt, CEO of Schmitt Cycling. Wanna ride?

Webaddress scrolls on screen.

Fade to black.

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